Dear Friends,

I have stood by silently while The Lifelong for Lincolnwood Party has spewed accusations about me and my character. How does one respond to lies created for a political reason? I’m being accused of ‘stealing’ a stretch of Monticello Ave between Lincoln and Devon Avenues. The truth is that this has not been a street for the last 70 years! The Village of Lincolnwood has never plowed, paved, or repaired it! My family has maintained it my entire life, which has cost the village nothing. Why would the Village suddenly want to create a street now?

I served as the Village trustee from 2013-2017. While serving I have recused myself from any actions involving my property that came before the village board. So why is this lie being spread by my political opponents? I stand by my record as Trustee and as a local business and family man. Lifelong for Lincolnwood was unable to find anything negative about me, so they have resorted to outright falsehoods and gutter politics.


Craig Klatzco

Bunny Hutch – Craig Klatzco has been falsely accused of “stealing a street”, threatening this 70-year Lincolnwood Institution


In the survey below, one can see that this property is a mere 33 feet wide. This 33 feet of Monticello, between Devon and Lincoln is not a street, nor has it ever been. It was never improved as a street – no curbs, no gutters – because a street is 66 feet, not 33 feet. It lays there, left to the adjacent property owner (Bunny Hutch) to maintain. It is not an untaxed parking lot. It is just village owned land that has been ignored and has never been improved or maintained by the village. The only one maintaining the property is the adjacent property owner (Bunny Hutch). This is not uncommon in Lincolnwood. Similar cases are Psistaria, Wholly Frijoles, and a real state office on Devon Ave.

While Trustee, during any deliberations that included the property that Novelty Golf and the Bunny Hutch are on, Klatzco recused himself from the discussion and the vote.

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