We ARE Lincolnwood

Fiscal Policy
Maintain a sound fiscal policy which prioritizes the wellbeing of our community and utilizes revenue sources efficiently.
Govern with temperance and transparency and encourage everyone in Lincolnwood to share their ideas, issues, visions and strategies for the benefit of the community.
Proactively seek redevelopment of available commercial sites and welcome new uses and users.  We will be a village of  yes!
Attracting Residents
Foster continued interest in Lincolnwood among young and growing families by ensuring modern and desirable housing options along with an attractive variety of services,  entertainment options, and excellent village services.
Be a truly inclusive and welcoming community.
Improve and maintain the Village’s recreational and infrastructure facilities while actively seeking federal and state grants to defray the Village’s capital expenditures.
Strive to improve the physical appearance of our Village with fair and uniform enforcement of our Property Maintenance Ordinance.  Encourage an attractive streetscape in all zoning districts and neighborhoods
Constituent Services
The Village of Lincolnwood will provide first-class customer service and create a welcoming and efficient atmosphere for all.
We will work in support of the Village Comprehensive Plan while continuing to evaluate and revise it as necessary. PLANNING MAKES A DIFFERENCE!
Resident Involvement
Recognize and utilize the talents of our diverse residents to create and maintain commissions and committees that benefit Lincolnwood.