We ARE Lincolnwood

Fiscal Policy
Maintain a responsible and sustainable fiscal policy.
Bring stability and professionalism to Village Management.
Wages & Leave
We believe that everyone has the right to a safe home, safe food, and safe income. We believe that nobody should have to choose between their health and their job. We will encourage the village to opt in to Cook County’s minimum wage and sick leave requirements.
Employ The Plan
Employ the Village Comprehensive Plan while continuing to evaluate and revise it as necessary.
Residential Benefits
We will ensure that there are modern and desirable housing options along with an attractive variety of public service and entertainment uses for residents.
Increase Business
We will, and always have, proactively seek out businesses and developers to occupy underutilized commercial sites to increase dining, industrial, and retail businesses.
Local Relationships
We will maintain an active relationship with other local taxing bodies, neighboring municipalities, county, state and federal officials.
Utilize Grants
We will utilize Federal and State grants to supplement the Village’s capital expenditures in an effort to improve the Village’s recreational and infrastructure facilities.
We will further enhance Lincolnwood’s sense of community and encourage participation through outreach, communications, use of social media and mailings, and a positive and engaging government.
We promote transparency in government and engage in community dialogue in a professional and welcoming environment.
Lincolnwood Pride
We emphasize Lincolnwood as an attractive and desirable place for people to live by highlighting its schools, its amenities, its housing, and its proximity to the assets and amenities of the Chicago metropolitan area.
Police Relations
We believe in maintaining and strengthening relationships between the Lincolnwood Police Department and its community, educating the public on safety, and providing resources and news updates via social media and Village mobile applications.
Customer Service
The Village of Lincolnwood should provide maximum customer service and create a welcoming and efficient atmosphere for all permit-seekers.
Public Voice
We welcome and encourage the public to share their visions and strategies for addressing the universal concerns of the community.
Council-Manager Government
Lincolnwood operated best when it operated under a Council-Manager form of government. We believe in reinstating this form of government to take politics out of our Village operations.